Clauers i Agulles

Clauers / llaveros: 12 €

Agulles / broches: 12 €

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Mits ha dit...

The key chains are so stylish and good looking. From where, I can get it?


peanuts & nuts ha dit...

Hi, Mits !

Thanks a lot Mits, your e-mail and your comments have make feel me very happy. Currently I am developing a small e-shop, but at the moment I am selling the handicraft products I make, directly or by some nice shops in Barcelona.

I can send you as many key chains you like, shipping them by post and refunding at the reception but I need know where to send to know the cost to add to the articles. Do you mind let me know this information?

I am curious: the message I received had a different photo at the first time that it has now (both beautiful) so, you are Mits o that is the name of a shop …?. Another question, which is your opinion about the patched t-shirts ?. You know, I am sure you has good feelings for this kind of handicraft.

Peanuts and Nuts.